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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Glad, we, uh... we're on the same page here then," Jerry said while stuffing his hands into his pockets and swishing some spit around in his mouth awkwardly. He spit it off to the side and pulled the gun up again, pointing it off into the distance over the horizon. Unless there was a really unfortunate seagull somewhere out of his line of sight and somehow in the path of the bullet, he wasn't at risk of hitting anything.

"Well, we got a pretty powerful weapon. 'Specially against living things," Jerry rambled. "So that means we're better off than most of the schmucks around here, plus we're workin' in numbers. I say that with a quick sweep around the point - if Trav's here, we'll find him." It was the best he got. Man, Jerry knew he wasn't good at this speech shit. He let fists or legs do the talking, and preferably both because his jaw just wasn't up to task. "We'll find'm. You wanna lead, Noodz?" Jerry offered.
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