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[Wanna wrap-up and segue into Day 4 when Announcements come around? We can just continue here or new thread, whatever]

"I'm in," said Ty.

"Sure, guess I could," said Keith.

Lizzie's head was beginning to feel light, as though she'd put a pillow in between her nerves. High, was the term. She hadn't understood it the first couple terms, but she understood it now. Like you were above yourself, above this meat and all its placid unpleasantness. Like you were transcendent.

She stared up at the ceiling for a little while. She floated in the smoke, along with these two men she didn't really know. Yazzie, who she'd sought out because he'd lost, just like she'd lost. And Keith, who...


She looked at Keith.

"I'm sorry," she said. "About..."

She shrugged.

"I got cousins out there," she said. "I should really...I should..."

Lily was out there, for one. Emma, for another. Who else? Who of their stupid, huge, always-fighting, always-absurd, always-wonderful family was here? Who would be dead? Who would she find.

"We're gonna die, right?" she said, staring back up at the ceiling. "We're gonna...yeah."

No mad dancing vertigo, even through her high. She didn't feel the same exhilaration. She just felt calm. Also, she was talking way too much. Had been for awhile. She was just so...so...

Like there was something in sight she could see. Like a mountain. Like the roof of a building spied from afar, a place she had to reach, however she could, whatever it required of her. That feeling she'd had since she was a kid. That you weren't really free, weren't really alive, unless you could reach that place.

"I gotta know," he said. "Before I...I gotta."

She lowered her head. She smiled at each of them.

"I'm trying to say...thanks."
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