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“Girl… Girlfriend? Huh?”

Bryony’s head snapped up almost instantaneously, as if a catch on her neck had just been released. She could feel the heat flooding her face already; no doubt her cheeks had turned a lovely rosy red colour by now. Her mind raced and her mouth hung ajar as she tried to think of something intelligent to say, rather than stammering like a fish on land.

She wasn’t sure what part to refute first. The ‘Alba is my girlfriend’ part made the most sense; it was completely incorrect to begin with, after all, and would be easy to disprove thanks to Alba being a Junior that neither of them had ever met before this. But it was oh so very, very hard for Bryony to ignore the desire to quash Bridgette’s (frustratingly accurate) accusation that she was gay. Had she somehow found out that Bryony was bi? No, there was no way. There was practically no-one who knew about that, not even most of her friends, and definitely not a passing acquaintance from art club. It could have been just an assumption, but there was a horrible, nagging worry at the back of Bryony’s mind now, resurfacing again. Was she really just that obvious? Was the fact that she liked girls really just that clear for everyone to see, no matter how much she tried to hide it?

Bryony coughed a few times, trying her best to clear her throat at the same time as her mind. She needed this to be as convincing as possible; stumbling over her words would likely only increase Bridgette’s suspicions.

“Uh, um… I think, um… I think you got the wrong idea… We’re not, ah, dating or anything like that, she’s just… she’s just really important to me because of how much she helped me and stuff. I’d never, um, even met her before this week… or, um, y’know, I probably met her around school and stuff but I’d never talked to her or… or anything…”

Bryony coughed again. She looked down at the smiley face in the ground for support.

“Besides, um, I’m not really into girls like that…”

Bryony scratched the side of her neck. The wind was beginning to send chills down her spine now, snaking in through every gap in her hoody. She hoped that her t-shirt had finally dried out enough for her to wear again.

“Anyways, um, we should go… we should… um… let’s go…”

After a few hesitant seconds, Bryony stumbled forwards back up the slopes towards the island mainland. It felt weird leading the way, but she supposed it made as much sense her doing it as Bridgette. Neither of them had a place in mind, after all. Just a goal. She realised, as she began to head off, that she hadn’t asked Bridgette if she had anyone she wanted to find, but she would have plenty of time to ask that as they walked.

Chances were, it would take a minor miracle for them to find anyone if they were just ambling about the island aimlessly, but there was always a chance. A slim chance, obviously.

But a slim hope was still hope, and Bryony kept that alive in her heart.

((Bryony Adams continued in The Latest Story That I Know is the One That I'm Supposed To Go Out With))


"bryony and alba would definitely join the terrorists quote me on this put this quote in signatures put it in history books" - Cicada Days, 2017
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