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No retribution came for Cass, trembling and sniffling and making themself small. Only halfhearted voices refusing to resign themselves to doing nothing without offering any real alternatives. Cass caught their tone, but couldn't pay much attention to their words; still sobbing quietly to themself. No one seemed to notice or particularly care, which was for the best. What made Cass deserve compassion over everyone else in the room, all equally blameless? What part of Cass's blessedly quiet existence on the island gave them the right to break down out in the open, to expect concern or attention or even just a single fucking hug? When Irene was also slumping down in front of them, cracking voice sounding lost, all attempts at painting a target simply a desperate attempt to cope? When all of Wade's plans and strategies simply boiled down to the fact that he didn't want to die? Cass hadn't lost anyone, not like Irene. They hadn't even been shouted at this time, no screaming Vanessa on the roof, no, they had been the instigator this time; so that meant the fault was entirely theirs, right? They deserved to be an alienated island, isolated from everyone who could help, so barren and ugly that not even the carrion eaters would debase themselves to land long enough to eat the carcasses that would wash ashore, a speck of rocky gray in the ocean no cartographer wroth their salt would waste a drop of ink on, fundamentally and irrevocably useless, useless, useless

"Yeah," Cass said to no one in particular, looking down and wiping away their tears before anyone could notice; hoping everyone would just move on.
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