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Kaitlyn glanced among the three and settled on Amanda when she levelled the rifle at her.

After a second, she lowered the gun. And the bag with the bomb. She chuckled. It sounded nervous.

"Hey. Hey. Look, I'm-- I'm sorry, okay. I'm just... nerves, ya know? Sorry. Look, it's not even-- I've got the safety off, so I'm not shooting anyone here. See?"

She hefted the Uzi for a second again, aiming it at no one. Then Kaitlyn set it aside. No one rushed towards her. Of fucking course, haha.

Which was a good thing, cause she hadn't even tried shooting this goddamn thing yet.

"I was with Alan Banks for a while. But he kinda started getting... he kinda went nuts a bit. Last night he tried to take my gun while I was sleeping. I managed to scare him off, but yeah. Left me a bit jumpy. So... hey."

She slowly put the... what was it a landmine or something on the ground next to her gun, and reached into Tessa's bag. There was some papers that she guessed were instructions on how to blow stuff up beside yourself, and a small green box that matched the coloring on the bomb. She set them aside too, and pulled out one more protein bar. Got to her feet, bag in one hand.

And outside, Kaitlyn could hear it starting to rain. She stepped forward.

"Here you go."

A few more steps, and she delicately set the bag down next to the couple supplies she'd already tossed out.

"Peace offering. I fucked up with that attitude. But hey, we need this stuff if we don't wanna starve to death here, right? So we're cool?"

She tried a real smile on for size. It kinda worked.

"Looks like the rain's started; I'm probably gonna hole up here for a while till it blows over. Leave the gun and stuff on the floor, don't worry. You guys're welcome, but it might be a good idea to get Tessa outside."

Well now.

That hopefully gave Kaitlyn one whole night in a warm place with comfy seating. And a whole night to wait for those... fuck those pesky announcements in the morning.

She left the bag for Amanda and Emma and Jamie to decide how to split things and stepped back.

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