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Null sheen.
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Yes. Jerry. Thanks. She got it.

This was stupid. This was hopeless. This was throwing a dart at the wall blindfolded and hoping for a bullseye. Travis could be anywhere. This wasn't a small island. She. Got it.

But if she didn't stay in motion, she was going to go insane. The next step was already leading her somewhere off a cliff, she didn't need the people she was with kicking the foundation out from underneath her.

Toby crouched down. Any other day and she'd be telling Jerry to shut the fuck up for calling her 'Noods'. Sounded like nudes for one thing, and for another, she didn't even like him calling her Noodle in the first place. Only reason she even let it slide was because he came to club. Kind of a dick move to tell someone in club that they couldn't use her club nickname. Any other day, and she wouldn't have been going insane trying to fit into her head that her friends were dead and dying and she couldn't find anyone better than Jerry freaking Fury to group up with. (Matt didn't count, because he was too much of an unknown quantity).

"I know, Jerry, but what's the other option? Not like we can text him, is it?"

She balled up a fist and clunked it lightly into the ground.

"Yeah, he would," to Matt, then back to Jerry "Yeah, we should."
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