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What the heck was happening?

Amanda knew Mia well enough. Was she really dead, too? They'd watched matches more than a few times together, she knew Mia enough to know that she wasn't the type to- she wouldn't just- She-

She didn't actually know.

Things were a mess. She was holding a gun, people were dead, and she had no clue what was happening from day one.

After all that would it be a surprise if Mia was dead?

With people like Kaitlyn, already raiding bags for stuff, showing no regard for the fact that the person it belong to lay dead right in plain sight.

This was wrong.

Completely wrong.

She tossed things, water, food, tossed onto the ground towards them. Were they supposed to pick them up, scrounging for the scraps that Kaitlyn left behind?

And then Kaitlyn had to declare she had a bomb.

The gun went up instantly, defying Kaitlyn's command to not move, and it was only now that she noticed that Kaitlyn's own gun was pointed at them.

"Okay, let's put the gun down." Hypocrite, went a voice in the back of her mind.

"Emma's right. Let's talk things through and not do anything rash here. Take it. Take the bomb."
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