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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Nadia looked up when she suddenly felt a sudden downpour come crashing down on her. So much for her break. Nadia quickly threw the tin of crackers into her bag and stood up. She grabbed the chair leg in her hand and started to hustle down the path towards the asylum.

As Nadia felt the cold rain hit her body, giving her the first shower in days, she suddenly found that rain water wasn't the only thing making contact with her body. The cold, cracked concrete of the ground was too.

While she ran, Nadia's foot got caught in the cracked ground and caused her to stumble off balance. She fell forward, her arms flailing to regain balance, until she faceplanted on the ground. She felt the chair leg fly out of her hands as she let out a cry.

Her hands stung, as did the side of her face. She continued to feel the unwanted massage of the rainfall as she lay on the ground for a few moments. She let out a long sigh. This day was starting to get worse every second, and she just knew there had to be something else to be like Barbra Streisand and rain on her parade.
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