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Lucilly Peterson remained steadfast at the position she had chosen. The occupants of the interior, or the actions performed by those mattered little to her. Not due to the lack of any interest, but due to the mere fact that the wind howling around her ears numbed her bit by bit. That, and her vigilance in keeping her eyes focused on anything surrounding the Pub. On anything that could enter the perimeter, and pose to be either a new-found friend, or an - it was a thought Lucilly dared not to think through - an enemy.

No, no. Although the entirity of her own mind was spend on scanning what was outside, an urge rising in her guts made sure to mention. Made sure to mention that the insides of the pub were just as important as well.

Lucilly Peterson, for this one instance, chose not to act on her gut, but slipped away an inch from the door.
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