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Maria listened as Michael was asking Alvaro about the gunfire. She didn't really think about it at the time. That could have been Alvaro shooting at someone, right? She couldn't be too sure. She didn't even have the proof. The evidence of Alvaro doing something so freaking horrid. She couldn't believe it. Even if he does have a gun, many of the others could have guns as well. It could have been anyone.


She frowned. Alvaro was telling Al to take her sword away from her. There was no way in hell she was going to let that happen. She needed it to defend herself and she was not willing to part with her weapon. Just because Alvaro had a gun.... He was not going to take away something important to her.

She placed her foot onto the handle of her weapon and she stared at Al coldly. "Don't you even think about taking my sword away from me, Al." She spoke in a quiet tone to warn him off. "You can take your bag and then you and Alvaro can both get lost. That seems more fair."

Don't let Al do anything stupid that could end up with you or Michael dead, Maria....
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