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Kiziah remained by Clarice, watching the largely silent interaction play out, knowing she had nothing to say, nothing to add. This was their moment, really. It wasn't her place to puncture it, to force her own musings clumsily into the conversation. But that didn't mean Kizi didn't have thoughts about the whole situation. She stood behind Clarice, and moved to place her hand on her shoulder as a sign of comfort. She withdrew at the last second, not wanting to startle her.

She walked to her side, so Clarice could see Kizi reach out and place a consoling hand on her upper arm. "Do you...maybe want to go after her?" Kizi asked, quietly, not really caring if Jenn and Bart heard or not. She just wanted Clarice to know that, if that was the option she decided to go for, she'd have Kizi's support.

And then Jennifer handed her her gun.

"Uh...thanks." It was politeness, but from the way she held it, holding it gawkily and gracelessly by the barrel and making sure the muzzle was aimed squarely at the ground, it was clear she'd rather not have to hold it. "I mean, I won't be able to use it when push comes to shove." She knew she sounded weak saying that, but she didn't care. It took strength to admit your flaws. Correctly handle the words of truth, that was her motto. She owed these people her integrity, and that was in admitting that, even if someone attacked them...

Hell, they were probably just like them. Just like Kimiko. Scared. Helpless. Wasn't a psychopath, wasn't a monster, was just lost and confused and trying to do what was best and trying to make sense of everything. But if she saw them committing an atrocity, saw them committing some abysmal sin, then that faith would be challenged. And she'd have two conflicting things to believe, and even if she did somehow have the mental fortitude and physical strength to actually kill someone...

Kizi found the piece of metal in her hand (she was guessing it was metal, she couldn't know for certain. And that doubt would paralyse her. She knew that. She would explain that if asked, but she prayed that they wouldn't. Prayed that they would work out the hint.

"But can you not...use the 'child' metaphor?" Kizi did not even want to think about why that disconcerted her so.
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