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Kiziah had given them a reassuring smile. Even then, Jennifer still wasn’t sure. Kimiko was still dangerous, wasn’t she? But she’d hugged Clarice, as if she really needed it. Yet, Clarice’s body language seemed uncomfortable. Maybe she wasn’t sure too. Maybe she was just as tense as Jennifer was. To be frank, “tense” here meant that she was prepared to do anything. Run, fight, hide, something.

She didn’t want to die here. Some part of her told her that escape was possible, that people have lived through this before, that the terrorists wouldn’t get away with it. That Kimiko wasn’t dangerous, at least not right now. But that didn’t change the fact that even if she was friends with Kiziah and Clarice, she was a killer. She could do it again if she wanted to.

But as Kimiko pulled away, she noticed that she seemed to have an odd look on her face. It was almost as if she’d realized something. Jennifer saw her hands move again, spelling out words she could never personally understand, not without translation. But then, Kimiko started stepping away. She’d turned to give them one last message, but afterwards she broke into a run.

She was gone as quickly as she’d came.

Jennifer slowly lowered her arms, expelling a breath she didn’t realize was there. Kimiko’s departure was a good thing, in a sense. It meant that a threat was pretty much… well, neutralized. On the other, she seemed like she didn’t want to fight. If Jennifer had to guess, some of the bits she got seemed to point towards Kimiko getting into those kinds of incidents by circumstance, rather than something she went out of her way to do.

For a moment, Jennifer was unsure about what to do. Maybe Clarice needed to hear something, but she wasn’t sure what.


She stepped forward, only to feel a weight against her foot. Jennifer looked down. The gun was still there, still waiting to be used. She knelt, and gingerly picked it up. Dealing with emotions was good. But pragmatism came first. Keeping it pointed towards the ground and away from anyone, she instead approached Kiziah.

“This is yours,” she said, handing the gun in her direction. “Treat it like… your child, I guess.”

Did that analogy even work? You were supposed to watch small children, yes. Watching firearms, especially in a “game” like this, was good. But no one really used an infant to kill other people. No one tell the terrorists that, though, or it’d give them ideas.

Jennifer shot another look at Clarice, then towards the direction Kimiko left, and back. Once again, she was unsure about what to say to her, since Kimiko was a friend of hers and Kiziah’s. This whole thing made her confused.

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