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Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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Ben heard Will. It went without saying. The room was too quiet and everything up through Ben's pathetic, labored breathing stood out. His arm continued to uselessly remind him of facts established long ago. Ben realized then that Will had a gun. The sort of man you could trust with a gun, yeah. A man unlike Ben Fields.

"Don't. Not your supplies." There was nothing else to be said, about his arm. Ben clutched at it with enough impotence to force it to limp into his lap, with a hiss he carefully bit down on. Regardless, too much of that damned agonized sound escaped for his liking.

He could hear the fucking camera still clicking, watching without a word. He could also hear fabric rustling. Will?



So. Was that it? Was Ben going to sit against a prison wall until his ass refurbished the concrete? Nothing else had gone his way. So went the things he'd done, the thoughts he'd had. The words he'd said. 'Sorry'. Apologizing for letting them down. Or, at least, for letting them see. Of all the fucking useless words he had left in him, 'sorry' had been the one he'd picked. Was that it? All he had left, empty promises. Emptier excuses.

Didn't look so good on him. So he put his chin up again. It felt heavy, but inertia felt heavier.

Penelope had spoken about her plans at length, hadn't she? All of them, right down to the atrociously penned final act. Ben had heard every single word, committed it to his disintegrated memory. And he'd just sat there. Feeling sorry for himself. Saying things that didn't matter. 'Coward' was a word too good for him. But, he realized finally, it was just a word. It was no sticks and stones. Nor was it guns, nor was it bullets. Ben was a coward, with each leg shorter than the other and each inadequate inch of height barely scraped off the yardstick. Still had enough words in him to continue to make an ass out of himself. Maybe that was all he needed.

Ben jerked his head Penelope's way, for Will to see.

"Penelope." Ben cleared his throat to clear the last bit of his own pointless tears he'd choked down. About damn time his voice stopped drowning in itself. "You mentioned a plan." 'Some stupid plan, where we would all die anyway.' "Think we all should try to make it happen. Got any details for us?"
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