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Seeing Blair again was a major relief. When Rene had gotten separated from her and Noah that morning, she had been sincerely afraid that she wouldn't see or heard from them again until one or both of them wound up on the announcements, provided that she even survived that long in the first place. But now the two of them were together again, like some sort of contrived scene in some movie that Rene would never personally watch because it was obviously created solely to win Oscar nominations.

"Hey Blair, good to see you back." She couldn't really help but drop a friendly greeting there. She knew that this was sheer luck, so she was going to make the best of it.

However, it wasn't long after her initial happy reaction that she started to get a less than comfortable feeling. Rene was not exactly what one would call a social expert, but she could sense some tension in the room once Blair and Caedyn started talking to each other. She didn't know if they had run into each other earlier, or if maybe there was some lingering resentment from school, but whatever it was, she really didn't want to have to deal with it. If she could somehow keep things from escalating, that would be ideal.

"So..." She held up both pointer fingers and alternated them between Blair and Caedyn. "I'm kinda getting the feeling that you two have met before. Am I wrong here?"

Man, I hope that wasn't the wrong move.
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