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Candice silently followed the others into the building. As was to be expected, the inside of the building was just as trashed and run-down as it had been when she had last been there a few days ago.

She wasn't quite sure that she wanted to see Danny in whatever state he was in, even more now that she had heard that it was apparently pretty bad. Rather, it wasn't that she didn't want to see him, it was that she was afraid that she probably wouldn't be able to handle seeing him. For all that she and Mia had been unable to accomplish anything together, they'd apparently done a pretty good job of staying away from fights. Consequently, her experience with dead classmates so far had been exclusively limited to hearing names on the announcements.

Candice was briefly tempted to take the offer to sit this one out, but in the end it just didn't feel right. She'd already promised to help, for one thing. Like, literally a minute ago. And on the more self-serving side of things, it would probably be better to find out now if being around her classmate's corpses was going to cause her to freeze up or vomit or run away screaming in horror, especially if the other option was finding out that she couldn't handle it when somebody was in the process of shooting at her. But most importantly...

It wasn't like Candice was particularly close to Danny. It's not like they were best friends, or even regular friends. But still, it kind of shitty that he'd had to die out here, and even if they hadn't been friends the least she could do for a classmate was give his body a bit more respect than the person who had killed him.
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