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Matt had seriously started to reconsider hanging around these two. Sure, Toby was.. fine. Didn't strike him as the murdering type. Jerry seemed like an accident waiting to happen. Like he'd wave that gun around in his general direction and it'd go off by accident and then he'd be dead. Jeez, what a rotten way to die - getting accidentally killed by Jerry Fury of all people. He only hoped that when it did happen, no one could see it. No cameras, anyways. That's the best he could hope for.

As for the philosophy that comes from being trapped on an island with more than its fair share of crazed murderers - the total number being far higher than what he'd normally like it to be in any area he was in - he figured it wasn't worth much more talking about. He'd spent two days moping around in a closet. All he had to do was make sure he made it out of here in one piece and pondering what led Alvaro to pick up a gun wasn't doing him much good.

"Ah, uh.. yeah, I dunno. He'd probably come down if he was in the tower, right? Whoever this 'Trav' guy is - I mean, he's your friend, right? He'd come down if he heard you."

Walking around aimlessly. Something to do. Better way of spending our energy, as Jerry put it. He didn't particularly object to his plan, mainly because he couldn't see how walking around could end up with him dying.
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