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Penelope curled up into an even tighter ball, the new boy that came up distracting her only company.

She was okay with that though, she didn't want Ben getting too attached to her. It would only cause more unnecessary suffering when she died, soon enough. She considered just standing and leaving, to get away from them. Prevent any more harm from being done. Make her way over to the bridge and jump off, like she did in her dream.

Penelope shook as she considered the endless oblivion of death. Not believing in any sort of afterlife had its downsides. She didn't want to stop existing, not now, not when she was so young. Not when she had so many people who cared about her. Not when she had so much she had left to do. Not that she would even be capable of caring after she died, but she just wished that the terrorists had killed her directly.

Her shaking stopped as she considered that line of reasoning. If she did something fragrantly against their rules, she could get them to just blow her up and kill her quickly, without a fuss. She could show them that she wasn't okay with doing what they wanted her to do, and that she didn't have to rely on anyone else.

Penelope raised her head slightly to look at the boys, before laying her head back down. She could just get up and go to a camera away from them and break it. She just needed to get up.

She did not move.
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