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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Yeah, one of the rooms might work," Alba said. "We can hoist him onto a bed and cover him with a blanket. Then we can, I dunno, find a place to hole up until the Radio Tower opens up again."

Alba looked at the door. Danny was supposed to be nearby, and that it might be gruesome to see. Alba clutched the rifle in her hands. She had already seen someone die and it was already pretty bad. She didn't know how bad Danny was right now, but she had to do right by him. She would want someone to do the same if she was killed here.

Alba raised the rifle a bit.

"Um, I can check it out first. You know, take charge and all in case someone's lurking. So, stay a bit behind me."

Alba walked past Jonathan and into the door he had opened. She hoped to get this done quickly so they could then talk about their plan.
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