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"Well c'mon," Jerry said indignantly. "You tell me. Don't you think the slightest bit of common-" Jerry caught himself, listening to what he was saying. After taking that extra one or two seconds to catch the words and send them out with some reconfiguration, he reset his tongue: "No, there ain't anybody on the ground, at least. And I hiiiiighly doubt Trav is clinging to the top of the tower like Quasimodo."

Jerry stepped back out through the entrance... though really, from the side he was standing on, it was an exit to the bell tower. Now that he was back outside, he could safely call it the entrance once more. "Sorry, Noodz. Trav ain't here. We should be trying something else." Jerry gave a shrug and a roll of the shoulder. "I mean, I like the guy too but there's gotta be a better way of spending our energy. What if he's all the way on the opposite end of the island and we're.... here we are, being super thorough on the other side. You SEEN the map of this place?"

Not often did Jerry Fury try to be the voice of reason. Even now, when he did attempt it, he probably wasn't the best. But shoot, he had to have a point HERE, right?

"Whaddaya say we look around the point a bit but then turn around and head along the beach?"
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