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Toby wasn't sure whether she wanted to headbutt more; the closest wall, or Jerry Fury.

This was such a waste of time. Jerry fucking around being outwitted by furniture, Matt just being a ray of goddamn sunshine.

Her fault for making the school shooting analogy really.

"Great," she told Jerry, blandly. "Anyone actually in there?"

Toby stuck her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and shrugged at Matt. Had a point, this time around. "Yeah. I know. But it's a forced choice, not a voluntary one. Put a gun to someone's head and tell them they'll die if they don't shoot someone else," another shrug. "It's as good as what's happening here, just with bombs."

She still didn't have a plan. Discussing the philosophy of it all wasn't going to come any closer to giving her a plan. Fuck. Fuck.

Where the fuck was Trav?
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