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"I wasn't-"

Vanessa was still screaming at them.

"I didn't-"

She wasn't letting them get a word in, no matter how much they wanted to protest. There had been a hundred and one reasons Enzo hadn't seen what had happened. They weren't expecting it. How could they expect it? They were talking to Cameron when it all happened.

They'd just woken up.

They were trying to think.

They were trying not to think.

"I just-"

Still yelling. Like every other time in their life - like Enzo wasn't crying too, like this wasn't affecting Enzo too. How did Vanessa think Enzo felt when they couldn't stop it from happening either?


Vanessa glared at them, clinging to Cameron's bo- to Cameron- to Cameron's body, venom and hate and...

"Stop acting like it's about you!" Vinny screamed back, raw and scratching, grating in the back of their throat. "She wasn't just your friend! She doesn't belong to you!"

Vinny lashed out, shoving the closest shelf with both hands, sending a stack of boxes scattering across the floor.

"You think I just saw some psycho coming and thought 'yeah, looks legit'!?"
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