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Brendan glanced up at the sky. It really did look it was going to rain like Alba just said. It would be a good idea to get inside quickly. He looked back at Candice. He would have trust her for now. She wasn't trying to do anything bad. So he was going to let down his guard a little.

Just make sure not to freak out when you see the body, Brendan. You don't want the others to think that you will do anything irrational..... Right?

Brendan made his way inside and he listened to Jonathan speaking about what to do with Danny. Jonathan was trying to spare them the site of seeing Danny's body. Brendan thought that was sweet of him to do, but he didn't want to let Jonathan down. He wanted to be someone that the others could rely on.

"I.... I'm not going to change my mind, Jonathan. I'm going to help you." Brendan nodded his head lightly and then he stared down towards the hallway. "Even if.... if it is a gruesome view. We could move him into one of the rooms. Would that be okay for us to do?"

He could feel a lump in his throat. But he forced himself to hold back his tears. He could cry later on. If he had the time to do so.

"I guess we are going to stay here for tonight?" He stared at Jonathan with questioning eyes. He guessed in a way that Jonathan was the leader of the group in a way.
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