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Clarice didn't return the hug. Kimiko expected as much but it cut her deeper than anything blade could have. Clarice didn't want her there and didn't trust her. Kimiko's arms fell limply to her sides. She was stupid to
think that just because they were friends it meant Clarice would be able to work past that. She should never have stepped out of her hiding spot.

Running her eyes over Kizi, Bart and Jennifer Kimiko took stock of her options. Using the word options was too hopeful, she only had one option. She had to leave. Her presence would only make things worse for Clarice in the long run and she couldn't and wouldn't put her friend through it. It was clear that while Kizi trusted her, Bart and especially Jennifer did not, Jennifer an aggressive amount. Kimiko didn't see any way her staying with the group would be sustainable in the long run.

She also didn't want what had happened with Caleb to happen with Clarice.

When Clarice asked the question of what came next Kimiko already knew her answer.

"I can't stay here." Her hands started to shake but she fought it back and kept them steady. "I'll leave you in peace."

Kimiko slowly stepped back away from the group, making sure to not turn her back or take her eyes off any of them. Once she was happy she was a safe distance away Kimiko turned and started to run, only to stop and turn around.

"Be safe Clarice."

She meant it with all her heart.

((Kimiko Kao continued elsewhere...))
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