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"You're sure."

Her mind was whetted again, or at least some majority of the information she needed was back to the fore. Competence was a state of mind, as per usual. She hoped her antics weren't distracting Olivia to the point of dysfunction. Latanna had learned over the years that it was a fairly easy line to toe at times. But it was, at the very least, a reminder to Olivia about the structure of their congress. They were founded friends, time-tested even, with these particular dynamics and checks and balances in mind.

"All words have a meaning, Olivia. Above and beyond the abstract realm of 'nothing'. I'd just like you to clarify what you meant!" The cheerful, banal tonal upswing right at the end of the sentence was measured out by the individual kilohertz to be casual. A concession, as it were.

All the while, Latanna's nascent thesis continued to grow in the separate, more important realm of her mental operations.
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