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"Okay, I get it..."

Fiiiiiiiiguuuuurrrres... It was petty shit! Who ta' thunk it?! Alvanabo was one of 'those' people. The same people he's been dealing with since he got here.

Big Gun Little Man Syndrome.

Symptoms of Big Gun Little Man Syndrome include; but are not limited to, Unwarranted Self-Importance, over-exaggeration of small petty shit that happened years ago, smugness, overcompensation for small genitals, Self-Serving Bias (If something goes right, it's all on you, if something goes wrong, blame everyone else), delusions of immortality, small genitals, inability to perceive opinions differing from your own, Narcissism, inability to perceive ones own genitals as small, batshit insanity, and small genitals.

Michael was getting really fed up with this shit. There was nothing he could do this time. It wasn't like something that was semi-auto or took time to fire. This was Alamborghini twitches and 30 bullets go into him and Maria. Shit-uh. Michael lowered his axe, but placed his foot on it. If they wanted it that bad, they could come take it. He wasn't gonna give them shit.

"Okay Alabama, you win. But can I ask a question?"

Michael gave his best death stare to Alessio as he ran to Albananna, acting like he was some innocent retarded kid or some shit.

"That gunfire going off? That was you right?"
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