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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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The boy said that he wasn't 'in the mood to pull any murderous shit'. Scout scoffed at that. Never knew you had to be in the mood to kill. in the same way one is in the mood for bowling or crocheting, she supposed. Scout wasn't exactly convinced of his sob story either. But she could hear his shivering and teeth-chattering from the wooden door. She told herself that she did not want to get namedropped during the next announcement because she left a boy to freeze to death in the pouring rain. In truth, she pitied him.

"Whatever," she said, flippant, "just get in here."

The chair scraped across the floor as she unblocked the door. She threw it open with all the grace of a drunk elephant. The emergency blanket was still cocooned around her, but she was without her jacket and boots. Both were left to dry by the fire. She shuffled back to make room for the boy. Once he was inside, she quickly blocked the door with the chair again.

"There are beds upstairs. I'm not planning to sleep tonight, so pick whichever."

Scout managed the barest amount of hospitality. Nothing wrong with that.
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