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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Scout heard the voice. The sense of deja vu weighed down on her shoulders. She grunted, sitting up straight with the blanket drooping off one of her shoulders. It was a boy's voice. Not a voice she recognized. Sounded anxious, like he wasn't expecting the door to be locked at all. Technically it was unlocked in the sense that there was no padlock on the latch outside. Whoever was out there would have better luck breaking one of the windows.

Unless whomever the voice belonged to had an axe. Somehow she doubted that.

The voice did not intimidate Scout. Less dangerous, more scared and confused. Unless Scout was reading it all wrong. Whatever. Not like she was going to judge the book by its cover.

She considered saying nothing. Pretend that the house was empty with 'Blair' and 'Rene' nowhere in sight. She also considered pretending to be whomever the voice was looking for, though she quickly realized that was a stupid idea and she was stupid for even thinking of it. Letting the voice in, giving in to her inner Girl Scout, was a stupid idea too. What the hell has this voice done for her lately?

Scout sat up. With the emergency blanket wrapped around her, she padded towards the door. The sounds of rain bellowed outside, getting louder and more violent by the minute. She could even hear the wind picking up though she thought little of that. She cleared her dry throat.

"Don't know any Noahs, not in my class at least."

Scout paused. She thought for a moment, glanced at the chair that manually kept the door from opening.

"You looking for somebody?" Scout continued, wincing at the redundancy. "You won't find them in here. It's just me."
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