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Maria knew that Alvaro would not believe them. Of course, because Michael was the type to bully others and Al would more or less be one of Michael's 'targets' or whatever. This was all a bunch of bullshit. Michael calling them the good guys had kind of pushed it. At least to her, it did.

What the hell were they supposed to do now? Alvaro was now threatening to shoot Michael. She really didn't want to lose her partner just after a couple of hours of getting into an alliance with him. The best thing that she could do, was just to listen to Alvaro's words and hope that Michael wouldn't try or say anything stupid.

"....Fine. I'm going to put down my weapon slowly. Let's not do anything that we will regret. Alright?" She was speaking as calmly as she could as she leaned over to place her sword onto the ground and then she leaned back up, staring at the gun in Alvaro's hands.

If only he didn't have that weapon, Maria would not have been afraid to take him down....
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