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Trav looked away and busied himself with sorting his bag. He didn't want the conversation to keep going but it appeared that they had gone past the point of no return. Cass was laying into Irene and Wade, Trav agreed with most of her points but he didn't have as much as a vehement feeling on the subject. It was how he was he supposed, always relaxed, the fact he had come to terms with the most likely outcome of the next few days helped he supposed.

Irene wanted someone to transfer her anger at being helpless and lost on the island onto he would have said at a guess. He could understand it; it was what a lot of fighters did. They would convince themselves that it was kill or be killed and the person they were up against was their enemy who wanted to take everything from them. For some guys that was the only way they could bring themselves to even fight to begin with, of course once the fight was over they went back to being cool, well-adjusted, relaxed guys. But for that time preparing to fight and fighting they hated their opponent more than anything else in the world. Trav had fought a guy like that once, he convinced himself that Trav was some young kid wanting to jump him in the queue for a title shot. Not entirely wrong, and he hadn't been able to stop him anyway. Trav had beaten him and moved on but he still remembered the guys face at the stare down, pure hate and it was the same for the four minutes they spent together in the cage.

"I wouldn't try to reassert some control on the situation by taking it out on others." He said eventually, looking over Irene. "It sounds like a dangerous way of thinking."

Wade brought up one of the older Survival of the Fittest incidents. Trav wasn't that familiar with what had happened but he knew some group had rescued a bunch of kids. He didn't want to have to rely on that happening again though. He nodded though, silently agreeing with Wade that it was a possibility, as long of a shot as it looked. He appreciated Wade bringing it up though, a little bit of hope wouldn't hurt, as long as it was tempered with realistic expectations.

"There's no point to this whole thing." He said softly, directing it more to Cass than anyone else. "But right now, we're doing a good thing, we're not taking part. So they won't get any satisfaction out of us or be able to use us to prove whatever their point is."

It was as much as he could offer. It was hard to know what the right thing to say was. But he guessed reassurance was the best he could offer in the end.
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