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Dorothy almost jumped when Asha laid her hand on her shoulder. For a moment, she felt outside of the island. Outside of all this, somewhere in Arizona, where it was hot and she enjoyed talking a walk in a park. Somewhere else than her prison that was the island she was forced to fight on. She was on the verge of hyperventilating when Asha started speaking.

Asha's reassuring words echoed in her head, calming down Dot's heart and bringing a stop to the air eroding her lungs. She shallowed hard and turn her body and her head toward Asha. For a second, nothing happened until Dot lunged to wrap her arms around Asha. It was the third time she did something along the lines of jumping on Asha to hug her friend. Maybe she should change strategy to keep her friend on her toes? She gasped,

''I had the worst dream ever! I was in pain and it sucked!''

She untied her arms from her prey then wrapping them around herself. She took a look around, Jae was also awake. She wonder what time was it, but it was obviously getting later in the day with the available sunlight showing its nose through the holes of the church. She chewed on the inside of her lips, thinking about all the things that happened during the day while she was asleep.

''Anyways, did I miss anything?''
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