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((Lillian 'Lily' Caldwell continued from TFW you'll never find out what's in the basement.))

Lily’s feet were cold and damp.

It reminded her of history class. Of the stuff about soldiers who sat in the damp for too long and got trench foot. Here she was. Feet in a mucky slush, bodies littering the area. Wearing a soldier’s helmet on top of everything else.

She’d almost lost Isabel a few times on her way here, particularly once they got back into the asylum. Lily hadn’t even been sure she’d tracked Isabel properly, even standing here in the damp surrounded by bodies. Only when she heard a sinister scraping noise (though what noise wouldn’t sound sinister in this place) did she feel sure she was in the right place.

That noise, however, meant that Isabel was still awake. Still at the ready. It wasn’t yet time.

Lily looked around. Only a set of doors separated her from Isabel. And there was nowhere to hide, except perhaps underneath one of these big tubs. One of them had already been overturned. If Lily overturned another one, Isabel might notice the dissimilarity. If she moved any at all, Isabel might hear her. Especially with all this water and the heaviness of those tubs.

...Hm. That just complicated everything, didn’t it?

Lily gave a wary glance towards the doors separating her from the back of the water treatment rooms. Then, very slowly, she started to back away towards the entrance. There had to be somewhere she could hide nearby. Somewhere she could wait. She tried not to slosh the water with her feet.
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