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Al's really pissing Mike off, him trying his hardest to be a mute is reminding him of another mute that really pissed him off. He was gonna really enjoy hearing the announcements, with Al having ended up killing like 10 people. With a start like this, he should grab one of the bed sheets, pull a plan A. Turn Alessio into a hood ornament. For a tree that is. If trees could have hood ornaments...

He just had to hype himself up. Al threw away his humanity when he killed right? Like Nancy, she wants to be seen as an object of death, and not a person. 'Fame from killing'? Disgusting. People who thought like that weren't people, that was an insult to the human race to compare them to- well, that. It helped. Dehumanize the enemy and it becomes a lot easier.

It was gonna happen on the ann-


Alvaro had a gun.

Michael heard nearby machine gun fire.

Alvaro had the machine gun.

Michael stood up. This wasn't like the other times, all he had to do was fire, and Michael would be dead ten times before he hit the floor. It wasn't a question of if he'd be hit, it was a question of how many.

From how many times he heard the ratta-tatta below him, Alvaro's been working hard...

First was uhhhh, shit what was his name? Oh yeah, Barry. Good job following horror film stereotypes Alvaro, you dick.

"Woah, hold up a minute..."

Michael kept a hold of his axe, but he raised his other hand. He wasn't gonna drop that shit. Not like it'd help. Alvaro could kill all three of them without even opening his eyes.

Then little pissbaby spoke up.

"Yeah! That's my blood on your mouth you biting fuckboy fuck! I don't even know who's blood that is on your clothes, but it ain't mine or yours you shit!"

He looked towards Alvaro.

"Ala-" Michael cut himself off, now's not the time to be witty. No name fuckings, this shit is serious.

"Alv... Listen, this is probably exactly what it looks like, but this little shit has it coming to him! He murdered someone over a fake gun! I don't know what you're tryin' to do,and I know from here, me and Maria look like the bad guys; but we ain't."

He paused and pointed towards Alessio.

"We're the good guys here. He's... not."

It only just occurred to him that Alvaro might kill him and Maria over petty shit from school like everyone else he's seen.
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