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Hannah tensed up at the mention that the bat had served the girl well. What did that mean? She knew the girl was Junko now, and her name had not been on the announcements. Had she beaten someone with it? Her mind went back to the body that had been in the asylum. She hadn't looked closely enough to have processed how the girl had died. Someone being beaten to death would be so brutal, she thought. Not something that was suitable for most plays at all.

She took a single quick step back. Junko hadn't done anything to her yet. But the remark about the baseball bat could have been a subtle threat. Her grip on the board tightened and her knuckles hurt.

She wondered why Junko would have shown her face or bothered talking to her if she was just going to attack her. When it came down to it, it was possible she had a flair for the dramatic. After all if this was a scene being performed then of course there had to be some dialogue. Otherwise it would be boring.

"Just don't," she said, forcing herself to sound a lot more confident than she really felt.
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