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Maria didn't like that Michael was taunting Al like that. Yeah, sure, Al did have a gun on them but that was over now. And she really didn't need her partner being a dick right now. If Al wanted water, she would have just given it to him. Have all of that horrible shit around his mouth had almost made her gag. She should tell Michael to cool it. She didn't need him acting like that. Even if Al turned out to be a murderer. She even had her own limits.

She took a step towards the both of them.

"Come on, Michael. This isn't the right-"

Maria heard the door bang open and she turned her head sharply to see who was barging in. It was Alvaro with a gun. Was it real? Maybe. She sure as hell wasn't going to test her luck. She didn't want to be filled with bullets and lay there dying because of this guy. She remembered that he had been on the announcements. Killed someone named Barry Banks. Now they had a confirmed killer and a maybe or maybe not killer together. Fucking happy days!

Alvaro wanted her and Michael to back off. She frowned a little. She couldn't do that. But the gun.... This day wasn't going to that great at all. She still have her own weapon lowered and she was trying to not look so threatening. Should she be tough with Alvaro? She wasn't sure. She didn't want to push him over the edge. She needed to say something.

She let out a small, bitter laugh. "Stand down...? You can't be serious." She pointed towards Al and she was staring at Alvaro with a serious expression on her face. "We can't just let him go. If Al here, turns out to be a murderer like you, well.... we need to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone else. Look at the blood on him, Alvaro. If you take him away from us.... What are the chances he will stab you in the back? Because I don't think he is trustworthy. Hell, I don't even trust you. So why don't you just leave without making more of a fuss. Yeah?"

She instantly regretted her words. She was just basically asking to be shot. But she couldn't take them back now. Now it was up to Alvaro to decide what to do next.
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