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Wade's mouth stayed for a moment as Cass spat out the answer. It felt as though things were about to fly apart at the seams now -- strange, like some unspoken taboo had been crossed. It only took another moment to realize what it was: one of the things that simply couldn't be openly talked about on this island, he realized. Brute, painful fact that pierced through all the mental and verbal gymnastics they were doing to skirt around reality in a heartbeat. It instantly brought to the fore everything they were ignoring through omission, the longer term: namely, that there wasn't one. That faux pas could slip, though. Unconsciously, he had been preparing his own retaliatory misstep:

"That's not a given." It was already clear what he was talking about, but he refused to so openly vocalize it. "Remember the -- I mean, what happened in Vee Four?" Fairly transparent. But that was the intent.
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