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He followed the voices to their location. Sounded friendly, but he didn't take his chances of anything. He kept the gun out, but pointed at the floor for now as he came closer to them.

When he saw him just standing there talking he thought for a second that Ben had gone crazy, but then he got closer and saw the girl in the room. It was a weird sight, a far cry from the talk he and Nadia had earlier, no concealed hostility between them, just two tired people looking for peace.

He looked over at the girl first, he remembered seeing her around school, but not much about her. Ben seemed cool with her, he was sitting with her, talking with her. That's as good as friendly at this point. She didn't look too good though, must have been through her own fair share of crap. For now he wouldn't bother her beyond a nod and turned his attention to Ben.

Ben was not in good shape, to say bluntly. He looked like shit and the words just came out of him, bottled up from days of avoiding death and carnage. "Do-don't man." He didn't know what he went through, he might have other regrets, but he wasn't going to make him feel responsible for what happened to her, it's least he could for his friend. "Listen, whatever happened, it's not your fault."

It was at this point he noticed something that caught him off guard, the shape Ben's arm was in. "What the fuck happened? Who did this?" He gestured at his arm, it didn't look good. He brought forward his own bag and started rummaging through it, he could have some of his supplies for that.
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