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Can you hear me?
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“Prop crew, eh?”

Okay, Junko chuckled a little. A little.

That was a new way to describe the people who’d kidnapped them. Sure, Junko guessed that’s what they did, sorta. If they choose to interpret SOTF as, like, this weird indie net series. Probs more of a cult deep web hit than anything gif-worthy on Tumblr, unless you were also equally concerned about social stigma as you were about not getting arrested. Which was to say, both had to be non-existent.

“They gave me a bat. It’s done a good job for me so far,” Junko said.

She punctuated her sentence by sliding it upwards and slinging it over her shoulder. Junko didn’t mention the part about the chisel and hammer. Nor did she want to, nor did she need to. Technically, Hannah had asked what they gave her, not what she had. So, at worst it was a little white lie.

It was friendly. Too friendly. It was strange how easily people talk to each other about stuff here. Everyone at the beach was more concerned about discussing, like, death and shit. Jasmine hadn’t said anything, but even Darius was chatty before, y’know, wasting her stuff. Maybe she was just getting paranoid. Maybe she was just expecting Hannah to lunge forward to beat her with that board. Junko’s eyes locked onto it for a brief second, then remembered.

Oh, right. If they were being friendly, at least for the time being, at least she’d make it clear who Hannah was talking to.

“By the way…”

Junko flicked the flashlight off. Then, she pointed it under her chin and turned it back on.


Okay, there. Hannah probably figured out who she was. Maybe she could do the whole convo thing again, but well, her feet were still planted on the ground. Her grip was still tight. It felt as if Junko’s body was prepared for something to happen. If Hannah made the wrong move, even the slightest, though, she knew what to do.

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