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Was “grave-robbing” the right word for what Kaitlyn was doing? Emma had no idea. But it still seemed… unpleasant. True, they didn’t need it any more. But, to be honest, that was kind of the problem. It just seemed callous, you know? At least take Mabes elsewhere before you sort out her belongings. Maybe that was just her morals from back home talking. It did seem a little practical, to use what you find. But on the other…

Well, Jaime at least didn’t seem to mind that part.

Emma shot her a look. That was a little too quick. Again, taking someone else’s things, even if they were dead? Even if efficient, still felt slimy. Amanda was conspicuously silent.

The story Kaitlyn had painted for them, at least, made sense. But it still hurt. Mabes’ collar had detonated. By the look of things, it was because she’d damaged a camera. It sounded like something she’d do. Emma rubbed her arm in thought. It seemed like she wasn’t the only one nearby, either. Kaitlyn had found Mia Rose dead. Even in her fatigued state, Emma knew just how horrible death by overdose was, no matter what you used. Slow and agonizing, not what you’d want if you just want to… end things. There wasn’t a doubt Mia died in pain.

Mabes wasn’t the first dead body she’d seen. Everyone had watched Mr. Graham die, and how he was just left there. But seeing it up close like this seemed worse. For a moment, Emma imagined some of the dead in such a state. She wondered if other people descended like vultures onto their things, quietly taking what was theirs. A shudder ran up her spine when she pictured it being Tina and Sabrina.

She really needed to lay down.

However, Emma’s tired eyes locked onto a bottle Kaitlyn had put on the ground. Water. That’s what they were looking for. Bread too, to a lesser extent. Was it worth compromising your morals for water? Though, Kaitlyn had something else in her hands. Emma squinted a bit, trying to figure out what it was. Was it an odd ration pack, or-

Bomb. Kaitlyn had a bomb in her hands.

Her eyes widened. That’s when Kaitlyn pulled a gun out and pointed it at them.

“Easy, easy!”

Emma’s hands were up. Her mouth felt dry. She briefly wondered what to do. Didn’t she do something like this when she and Amanda first met up? Put her hands up, make it clear she wasn’t dangerous? She wasn’t sure that’d work with Kaitlyn.

She gulped a bit. It didn’t help the dryness in her throat.

“Look... I don’t think any of us need a bomb.”

Emma looked at Jaime, then Amanda, then to the door, where Lucilly was standing just outside. Maybe they’d have something to say about that. They weren’t looking for any kind of bomb, though. At least, it didn’t seem something that was high priority. Emma turned her head back to Kaitlyn, and took a deep breath.

“We came in here because… because we needed water. That’s all we need, maybe food too.”

Tables were good for hiding under, the bar was good for hiding behind. They could turn and run the way they came. Or, there had to be another exit. Another way to escape. Fire exits, windows, anything. She prayed to god Kaitlyn didn’t open fire or detonate.

“We can negotiate this.”

Emma hoped that Jaime and Amanda agreed.

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