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Lizzie was quiet, eyes hazing out so she was staring at no one and nothing in particular, considering Tyler's question. Did it matter? Or was she just looking for some reason to find Nancy? Some way to convince herself she wasn't just looking to kill?

She thought of Alex, who she'd given her sword. She thought of Tara, standing precariously on the cliff's edge. She thought of Astrid, claiming in a shaky voice that she could be a killer. But anyone could be a killer, couldn't they? If Nancy fucking Kyle could...

And she thought of Harold, assuring Yazzie that he wasn't going anywhere, that he had his back. Assuring him that for all the horror of this place, they were still friends.

"Yeah," she said. "It matters."

She had laughed, because she was afraid, and because this was a thrill bigger than anything she'd ever really imagined. The electric adrenaline of exploring a place you weren't supposed to be, with possible killers all around, and here was Lizzie Luz, adventurer extraordinaire, here to talk some sense into the madness, here to forget her best friend and her cousin while she wandered, lost and idiotic, trying to avoid the noxious web of conflict magnified a thousandfold by the axe hanging over their heads, the leash around their necks.

Her fingers were still on the collar.

"Not just for me," she said. "For you. Why you hurt'em. Why you let'em go. We've all these things we're doin', and we've already lost so much and we're never gonna know why or how or..."

"I gotta know how she can do it," she said. "I gotta. And then...then, if she can't..."

Keith spoke. Lizzie looked at him. She felt a ghost of her old tightrope exhilaration.

"No friend search crew, huh?" she asked. "Wanna join a foe search crew?"
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