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Michael lowered the straight jacket and turned towards Al. The fucker wanted a water bottle.

Michael pulled it out and looked at him.


Al didn't need to answer, Michael knew the answer.

Blood dripped down the sides of Alessio's mouth, as a flap of burned skin dangled from the corner of his lower lip. Michael himself gagged from the view alone. Alessio looked like he had pizza caked over his mouth, bad, burnt pizza at that. The visage was terrible, the scent was horrible, and Michael was thankful he couldn't taste whatever the hell Al was tasting. It was bad enough to look at, it was worse to realize all of it was yours. Not only was he disgusted, he was disgusted...

He pulled out the water bottle.

"I mean, it's clear you like the taste of my meat in your mouth, otherwise you'da not bit so hard. Why'd you think you deserve water, eh? Be thankful it was fuckin' cooked y-you, you-"

He couldn't even focus looking at that shit! Michael shivered then dry-heaved before he opened the water bottle, his eyes watching Al's.

It was clear how bad he wanted it.


Michael took the water and gulped the majority of it down, leaving just enough to fill a shot glass left in the bottle.

He closed the cap and handed it to Al.

"Have at it, lint-dicker."
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