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Maria was feeling annoyed when Al didn't say anything to her. But, whatever. He could talk to her when he felt he was ready to. Or maybe he never will if they heard his name on the announcement the next day. And then she would take him out of the picture. One less psycho would be better.

Unless he hadn't gone on some murderous rampage. And you are just thinking the worst of him, Maria. Al could be innocent or he did it in self-defense....

She watched as Michael was going through Al's bag and she was being quiet herself. She needed to think of what they would do next. Maybe they should stay in the asylum for the time being. She was actually feeling exhausted, thirsty and a bit hungry. Strange as she thought that she would be put off by Al and Michael's fight from eating. But she had to take care of her health. Right?

She was grossed out by Michael taking care of his wound and she had to look away until he was done with it. She hoped that she wouldn't have to treat an injury on herself later on. She was pretty sure that she wouldn't be able to do it properly. Unless she asked Michael to take care of it instead. She should stop thinking about it. Focus on Al and Michael.

She then looked back at Michael who was holding a jacket and he was looking at her. She didn't even realize what the jacket was at first. Until she got a closer look at it. A straight jacket? She stared back at Al with obvious surprise on her face. Was he planning to use those on someone who wouldn't suspect it? Would he have used them on her and Michael? She couldn't let that bastard do that!

She nodded her head towards Michael. To make it obvious that she knew what he was thinking. Even if a small part of her thought that it felt unusually odd for a plan.
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