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“Well, I guess it’s a good thing to know that I’m the only source of entertainment in your dull, dull life.”

There was a smile directed at him. He gave one right back. At least, he hoped he did. No real way of telling from his end. While he would have liked to smile back at Serena it was entirely possible that what he was doing was too subtle and that she wasn’t seeing it from her end. Obvious answer was “have a bigger smile” but that wasn’t really something he could do. When he smiled big it didn’t look right, less him looking friendly and more him looking a combination of goofy/creepy/psychotic, which wasn’t exactly the ideal facial expression to have when you were with a friend, especially a friend who was a person like Serena.

Although sometimes she could deserve it. Case in point: her bringing up memories of a sad time. Memories of him at his TV trying to hide his despair over his favourite being voted out. The emotions that followed, the…

Okay. Quick question. You guys have felt bitter about things before, right?

Like, something happens you don’t like, and you get this annoyed feeling festering in you. The answer to that question was probably yes.

But have you ever felt that bitterness for unfair reasons? Like, yeah probably, but did you ever feel that bitterness when you yourself knew those feelings weren’t exactly right to have?

And for the reason that you’re feeling bitter in the first place - the root cause of the problem - isn’t exactly right as well. Liking a thing for biased reasons, for example.

Whatever, this was stupid. Point Jeremy was getting at was when his favourite - Jeremy Collins - got voted out last night, Jeremy Frasier didn’t exactly feel too happy. Like, he knew that theoretically it should have been a great ending. The top dog getting blindsided seemingly randomly. Yeah. That would have been something Jeremy loved.

Just sucked that his favourite happened to be the victim of it.

It was sort of hard to sum up all of these things to Serena, though.

Maybe he could do it in six words.

“Oh god, I’m still bitter as f- I’m still bitter over last episode’s ending.”

Maybe more.

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