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"He got a lucky break this time. If that gun was real, motherfucker would be deaf by now." Michael stared down at Alessio, maybe it was also his lucky break. Even when he had the chance to end it all then and there, he hesitated. Not only that, he aimed away, he tried to miss. That said a lot about where he actually stood, what he could actually do. When he thought the gun was real he aimed away, he tried to miss.

He didn't hear his names on the announcements though. What if; through some shitty miscalculations and some really, really, really, rea-hea-heally bad luck on Alessio's part that he was innocent. Michael would've killed an innocent if that gun were real, and if he didn't try to miss.

But it was all bullshit, Alessio was clearly guilty, but until the verdict, they had to babysit him, just to be sure. Michael just couldn't grow a pair and follow through with his promises. That was all. Maria or Al wouldn't know, not for the time being. And once those announcements come in? Michael was sure he'd build up the strength to follow through. Gun or no gun. He still had his axe.

"But y'know what?" Michael knelt besides Al, lowering his shades to nose level. He stared Alessio right in the eyes.

"He tries any funny shit, he'll just be gettin' broken." Michael said, in the cheesiest Rutger Hauer rasp anyone could speak in non-ironically.

Michael raised his shades back to eye level, before rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

He reached his hand out to grope Al's lootbag before zipping it open. Already he saw an oddity.

Two large dirty white jacket thingies. He threw them to the side without much of a second thought. He searched through the bag finding a suspicious abundance of food and water.

"Dinner for two, eh?" He spoke with obvious disdain for the captive.

"Was this your extra 'weapon'?"

Michael awaited an answer, before shrugging and pulling out the first aid kit. He opened it up, and began working on his hand. He was gonna have to stop the bleeding, and that meant one thing.

He pulled out the lighter.



Michael's hissing rivaled the sounds of burning hand sanitizer before it warped into a loud "FUCK!" ending with Michael shaking the flames out.

After he finished bandaging, he looked at the white jackets he carelessly tossed.


Oh shit, these were straight jackets.

Michael picked one up and looked at it, wondering what it would've been used for, and why Al had it.

Was he another Isabel?

His he turned his head towards Maria, tilting his head to the jacket, then towards Alessio. He did this around three or four times.

"You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"

Hey... they had to stop him from killing them in their sleep somehow.
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