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Bullshit, she said. Maybe she was right - it was pretty doubtful that Alvaro would have started killing people anywhere but here. But he had a choice, Matt thought. He didn't have to go out of his way to kill anyone. Maybe if he hadn't said anything Nate could've talked him down. And maybe he shouldn't dwell on that sort of thing right now - it'd only make him regret running away just a tiny bit more.

"Okay, maybe the people going around killing everyone weren't, uh, about to go crazy. But they have a choice, right? They don't have to do it."

It just didn't make sense to him. Something that made somewhat less sense to him than the moral struggle he was currently going through was the notion that Jerry should be allowed to have a gun. He seemed to be struggling to figure out a door. What? If he's this smart, then who gave him a gun? Whose idea was that? He really hoped he started off with it. If not, he really had to question why someone gave a man as clever as this a gun. Was the gun even loaded? Did he even check? He could picture it - Jerry is about to get stabbed by some psychopath. Out comes his gun. Click. There goes Jerry.

There goes Jerry, finally figuring out how to open that door.

"Holy shit."
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