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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Why was everything always so wonderful?

Wolfie was off balance, and then here came Blair, all bitch and fury. She was always like this, just acting however she wanted in the moment, like she couldn't give a single thought to the future. Well, she didn't have much of one to start with, so maybe that made sense. Still, she could make that work for her here.

"Hi Blair," she said sadly, "I'm glad you're okay..." Normally, she could bitch back as well as anybody could give, but that wasn't the game today. Just like she hadn't played that game with Jane. Neither of the could see that it was pointless to just fly off like that. As long as she played the whipped puppy routine, she could make Blair look like the dangerous one. "Wolfie told me about Nancy. She's gone though. Could you chill a little, please?"

It wasn't about their past. It was about Nancy. At least, that was the story Caedyn wanted to sell. Make Wolfie doubt her, maybe even make her doubt herself if things went well enough, and get them riled up about the competition.

Caedyn didn't need Oskar. She could bring this home all by herself.
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