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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"I meeeeeeeean," Jerry said in drawn out fashion, hunching his shoulders and holding his hands out. "On the one hand, I'm with you. I didn't really peg Alvaro for a hacky-hacky, slashy-slashy." Jerry made a noise to punctuate the sentence; it sounded like the bastard child of a giggle and a pig's grunt. "BUT I could think of a few kids that I'd look at and go 'maybe I should be nice to 'em, give them candy so when they pull a Columbine I'll be left out."

Toby seemed to have a pointed tone with Matt right now. Hey, that was fine. He wasn't actually being helpful or saying smart things like Jerry knew he, himself, was. Here, he'd prove it! He pulled at the handle of the door to the bell tower. And pulled. And pulled. And pulled.

"Fucking door!" Jerry grunted, his knuckles white from straining. He released his grip, leaning his shoulder against the door... which promptly gave way, causing the boy to stumble into the building with a start. He only came to a stop by continuing forward momentum to keep his feet under him until he gripped a hold of the stairs.

"I'm okay!" Jerry called to Matt and Noodle. "Found the way in!"
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