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What the fuck had Enzo just said?

“What the fuck do you mean, you didn’t see?! How the fuck couldn’t you have seen?!”

She was still screaming, but it was all boiling out on its own now. Whoever had done this to Cams, whoever had murdered her best friend, needed to get what was coming to them and they needed it right fucking now.

She wanted to slug Enzo, drop Cams to the floor with a lifeless thud and just jump the sack of shit who’d stood by and not done anything to stop it, who was just sitting there with their mouth open like a moron catching flies and telling her they ‘didn’t see’. She wanted to make them suffer first before she moved on to ripping whoever’d done this to Cams a third asshole, just take everything out on her right fucking now.

She gripped Cams harder, crushing her like a stress ball, as she stared fiery daggers at Enzo. Only the suffocating grief was stopping her from jumping Enzo right there and then.

“What were you doing, fucking jerking off whilst she was getting killed?! You some kind of fucking retard or something!?”

What the hell was she going to do? How was she even supposed to stand up again anymore, when she was weighed down with this? What was she supposed to do?!
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