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Nate couldn’t help but give Asuka something of a dirty look at her flaccid response. Ok, he’d not wanted to make a big deal out of him saying he’d gotten split up from his friends, but it wasn’t hard to sound sympathetic either.

Still, he tried not to make it too obvious. She may not have been perfect, but she was still listening, still there. Driving her away was the opposite of what he needed right now.

She redeemed herself shortly afterwards anyway, and if Nate had any energy left he might have even smiled at her offer to listen. Clunky, but it sounded genuine, or at least genuine enough to someone desperate for such a thing.

Asuka’s metaphor dialogue on her own story was almost entertaining to hear in spite of the obvious anger that it was expressing, even if it was a bit hard to follow. Jerry Fury wasn’t a familiar name, and he didn’t remember hearing him on the announcements (but then, could he remember every name anyway?), but there was no reason that Asuka should have had to put up with nasty people, all the same. No reason anyone should have to.

“I’m sorry, he sounds like a jerk.”

He tried to smile at her, give her some comfort, but it still wasn’t possible. Besides, he realised, what he’d just said probably didn’t matter that much. He wasn’t any good at making people feel better, after all: Alvaro had proved that and left no room for doubt. He couldn’t talk down one of his good friends, what chance did he have of perking up a total stranger like Asuka?

“Sorry, you probably don’t care about me saying that, huh?”

Butterflies were building up in his knot of a stomach. Normally, he didn’t have trouble holding a conversation, even if he didn’t know someone that well, but this was so far from normal that word didn’t even exist here. He wanted to help Asuka perk up, see the bright side and get over Jerry, but how? How could he ever try to talk anyone into feeling better when it’d gotten his friend killed?

He stood there with an uncomfortable look on his face, trying to think of something to do, something to break the tension. He scanned her words again, looking for something to follow up on. Thinking about what to say was just so alien, though.

“I mean, lots of people on the island are being like that, I think.”

It wasn't working at all.
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