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((Blair Moore continued from What I Needed, They'll Pay))

You ever run into an old friend who you hate now? It's great, give it a try.

After returning to the shore, she'd waited around a bit, glad that no bodies were around, before moving on. She still wasn't sure if she could find her former companions, but it was worth a shot. Luckily, as she'd made her way down the beach for a few hours, trying to keep a sensible pace, she spotted a familiar figure entering the asylum across the bridge.

Now, Blair was stressed as fuck by the bridge, which was perfectly sensible in her mind. Luckily no bodies seemed to have manifested as she crossed, but she was making a lot of effort to avoid looking at the ground where corpses might show up.

Stay strong.

She hurried after Rene, too winded to call out for the other girl even as she followed her (friend? compatriot? ally?) into the entrance of the library, where she stopped, leaning against the outside of the door, her chest aching. There was a gross smell, too, which Blair would prefer not to acknowledge.

Oh, and right before she entered the room, she heard Caedyn Miller's voice. Fan-fucking-tastic. Caedyn and Blair...had a history. She didn't think Caedyn had come up on the announcements yet, but it didn't surprise Blair to think she'd been with Oskar Pearce, who had been. As a killer.

Blair contemplated her options. Show up and chase Caedyn off because screw that selfish, arrogant, psycho, and reunite with Rene. Or, she could wait around and see what happened.

No. Stupid idea. If Caedyn was armed, she might kill Rene, whose gun was probably still in her bag. Best to get Caedyn off-guard while she could.

"Hey." Blair said abruptly, stepping around the corner and standing next to Rene. "Glad I caught up to you." She looked at Caedyn condescendingly. "You playing nice? A bit late for that." Blair folded her arms and quieted her breathing, glaring at Caedyn with a furrowed brow.
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