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Maria was still holding Al's hand as he said that he hadn't killed anyone. She frowned upon him saying that. It was really hard to believe those words from his mouth. But what if Al was telling the truth? They could have just killed him without any hesitation beforehand. Well, Michael would have if the gun hadn't been a fake. Maria would have held back because.... because she didn't have it in her to kill Al. She was not going to tell Michael or Al that. She didn't want to show them any weakness.

She let go of Al's hand as she had been holding it for too long and she cleared her throat, feeling somewhat embarrassed. Al could be a killer or he could not be a killer. Which one is he going to be? Michael was right. They would have to wait until the announcement the next day.

Or she could just ask Al if he thinks that he will be on it.

Maria let out a sigh of frustration. She glanced at Al's face. Killer? Not a killer? Which one are you, Al?

"Can I trust you, Al?"

She had the sword lowered. Don't want to be too threatening. She wanted Al to think that he would be safe with the both of them for a while.

"Do you think that we hear your name on the announcement tomorrow? Yes or no?" She asked him simply.

Maria then looked at Michael who was asking about Al's bag. Michael's hand really did look disgusting and like shit. She grimaced at the sight.

"If he tries to do anything funny to you or me, then the best thing for us to do is either tie him up or trap him in this room." She whispered in Michael's ear and then she glanced back at Al. "We can share our supplies with you if you share with us, Al. It's only fair."
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